February 24, 2021
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February 17, 2021
The jury is still out on that question. There is some supportive experimental data in animal models but no well-done human studies that show sign...
February 10, 2021
You’ve been diagnosed with a cataract and you’ve been told you should have cataract surgery. The surgeon is also telling you that you shou...

    Meet Our Doctors

    The Doctors


     DMJ 2.                                                                                          

      Dr. Moe Jomha

           lives, two eyes at a time!

          Do we have a sense more valuable than our sense of sight? Take a minute to think about it. Experts say that approximately 80% of the information that reaches our brains comes from what we see with our eyes. So when deciding how I wanted to spend the rest of my career, the decision was rather simple. So here I am today, excited to meet you as your future optometrist! My post secondary education was spent at the University of Alberta, Grant MacEwan, and in the "Windy City" of Chicago. I have been working with Dr. Shelly Hook here at Lifetime Eyecare and am excited to take over the practise, as well as what is most important: your eye health!

          I have a special interest in pediatric optometry and specialty contact lenses. I also enjoy working with geriatrics and family optometry. I speak English and Arabic fluently, and love working within the cultural diversity that Edmonton offers. 

          I like to stay busy! When I am not working, I am watching or playing sports, and spending my time with my friends and family. 

          I value building relationship with people, and working as your optometrist, I hope to continue to build rapport with you and your family!


        Shelly 1

        Dr. Shelly Hook

        Dear Patients,

        As most of you know, I am retiring from practice at the end of October this year.


        During the last 38 years, it has been my honor to have you entrust me with the care of your eyes. I truly appreciate this and thank you for your trust. 


        I have had the privilege of seeing you and your children and their children over the span of this time.  I have shared all your adventures and in doing so I have has the opportunity to truly practice "Lifetime Eyecare."


        I found a wonderful group of doctors who will ensure that the practice continues to provide you with the best of eye care in the future.


        Dr. Moe Jomha will be here full time and he is truly an enthusiastic and dedicated optometrist who is very excited about taking care of you. I have worked beside him since mid-December of last year and I am confident that he and our staff will continue to provide for you and your families in the future.


        Thank you


        Dr. Shelly Hook




      Mission Statement:

      Our mission is to provide comprehensive, personalized, vision care utilizing state of the art instruments and technology.

      Vision Statement:

      Our Vision is our patients, whose needs are met by a dedicated, enthusiastic team committed to providing the best professional service possible.

      Our Goal:

      Our goal is to educate our patients, about their eye health and visual needs for a lifetime.